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[BusyBox] 維護者 Rob Landley 與原始創立者理念不合預出走?

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[BusyBox] 維護者 Rob Landley 與原始創立者理念不合預出走? 2006-10-17 00:21
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美術插畫設計案子報價系統 v0.1 Beta

暱稱: Type
註冊: 2002-11-30
發表: 10145
來自: vovo2000.com
V幣: 895968
Rationale 2006-11-06 00:44
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2006/11/05 先翻譯前面一段基本介紹,


--- Rationale
This is a forensic analysis undertaken to compare BusyBox 0.25 with current
BusyBox (approximately svn 16124), for the purpose of finding and removing any
code copyrighted by Bruce Perens.


本辯論分析文嘗試進行對於 BusyBox 0.25 與目前 BusyBox 1.2.2(SVN build 16124)進行比較,
目的在於找出並且移除 BusyBox 1.2.2 目前最新版
屬於 Bruce Perens 有版權的程式碼(0.25)。


Bruce Perens created BusyBox in 1995 as a utility for the Debian bootloader,
and declared the project complete in 1996, at which point he abandoned further
development.  Forks of the code were subsequently maintained by Enrique Zanardi
(for Debian) and Dave Cinege (for the Linux Router Project).

Bruce Perens 在 1995 年替 Debian 寫了個 BootLoader,名為 BusyBox,
並且在 1996 年宣稱此 BusyBox 計畫已經完成,在此之後便也沒有進一步的 BusyBox 開發動作。
衍生版本接著由 Enrique Zanardi(主要為了 Debian)
和 Dave Cinege(主要為了 Linux 路由器計畫) 繼續開發維護下去。


In 1998, Erik Andersen founded a new BusyBox project for Lineo, to create a
general purpose utility package for embedded Linux systems.  Erik unified the
Zanardi and Cinege versions of BusyBox, and launched a website, CVS repository,
and mailing list for the new project (asking for and receiving Bruce's
permission to do so). After leaving Lineo, Erik continued this line of BusyBox
development on his own.

1998 年,Erik Andersen 為了 Lineo 企業另外創了一個 BusyBox 的計畫,
目的在於讓此 BusyBox 能夠滿足嵌入式 Linux 系統(Embedded Linux Sysmtes)所需功能,

Erik 統一了之前 Zanardi 和 Cineige 的 BusyBox 版本,並且為此 BusyBox 計畫
寫了一個網站,和 BusyBox CVS 版本控制資料庫、以及 BusyBox Mail List(上述這些動作
都有經過 Bruce 的同意)。

Erik 在離開 Lineo 後,仍舊繼續維持 BusyBox 主線的開發動作。


Later, I (Rob Landley) began contributing to Erik's BusyBox project with the
goal of upgrading BusyBox into a more efficient general-purpose replacement for
the existing standard Linux command line utility packages (the gnu utils, etc),
without sacrificing the existing simplicity or small size of BusyBox.  My
initial goal was to create a busybox-powered development environment (the
Firmware Linux project) capable of rebuilding itself from source code without
any other packages but a compiler toolchain, C library, and kernel.  My
eventual goal is to use BusyBox as the set of command line tools on my laptop.
My first contribution to BusyBox was in 2001 (svn 2128), and I was granted CVS
access in 2003 (svn 8252).

之後,本人 (Rob Landley) 開始參與 Erik 的 BusyBox 計畫,目的在於讓此 BusyBox
升級為一個更有效率的萬用工具包,用以取代現存的標準 Linux 指令集(如 GNU Utils),
此升級也要求不犧牲 BusyBox 原有的簡易性與小的 Code Size。

我的初始目標是創造一個 BusyBox 強化的開發環境(韌體Linux計畫),

我的最終目標是讓我可以用此 BusyBox 當成一套完整的個人電腦命令列工具(Command Line Tool),

對於 BusyBox 的最初貢獻於 2001 年 (SVN 2128),在 2003 年我被允許開始可存取 CVS Vault (svn 8252)


After BusyBox's 1.0 release (in October 2004), Erik turned his attention to his
other embedded projects (uClibc and buildroot) which had not yet achieved their
1.0 releases.  In August 2005, I got Erik's permission to package and put
out the BusyBox 1.01 bugfix release, and then turned my attention to
stabilizing the development tree for a 1.1.0 release (in January 2006).  This
was not an attempt to become maintianer, merely to take some of the load off of
Erik until he had more spare time. 
However, the increasing popularity of
embedded Linux led Erik to instead hand off official maintainership of BusyBox
in February 2006, to its de-facto maintainer (me) so he could focus on uClibc
and buildroot.

在 2004 年 10 月 BusyBox 1.0 版發表後,Erik 將其開發注意力轉移至另外一個嵌入式系統的計畫(UClibc 與 BuildRoot)
在 2005 年 8 月 Erik 允許我整理並發表 BusyBox 1.01 版(Bug 修正版本),

之後我把注意力集中於讓 BusyBox 進入穩定版本,也就是後來 2006 年 1 月的 1.1.0。

這些行為並非是想成為主要維護者,而是在 Erik 仍無法分身時,替 Erik 分擔一些 Loading。

然而,隨著嵌入式 Linux 的快速成長,Erik 必需要花更多時間專注於 UClibc 和 BuildRoot
他決定在 2006 年 2 月將正式的維護工作交接給我。


Bruce Perens never even posted to the BusyBox mailing list during Erik's entire
tenure as BusyBox maintainer (a period of over 7 years).  In 2006, Bruce's web
page still pointed to BusyBox as hosted by Lineo, a reference which was last
current at the end of 2001.  Despite this, in September 2006 Bruce posted a
series of increasingly confrontational mesages to the BusyBox mailing list
objecting to the the plans of the current maintainer (me) to release new
versions of BusyBox under GPL version 2 (rather than GPLv2 or later).  This
topic had been discussed on the list for 9 months; he showed up to interrupt
its implementation.  His confrontational attitude and lack of tact quickly
burned through the respect and deference his historical contributions were
due, and his repeated demands quickly turned into threats (despite being asked
to fork the project from any of the existing releases if he felt that strongly
about the issue, plus repeated assurance that existing releases remained under
the licenses they had already been released under, and a persistent failure
to explain how "GPLv2" wasn't a compatible subset of "GPLv2 or later").

原創者 Bruce Perens 在 1998 年 Erik 接手此計畫之後,從來沒有在這七年間於 BusyBox
的 Mail List 發表任何文章。

Bruce 在他個人的網頁指向 BusyBox 的連結,
仍然是當初那 BusyBox-for-Lineo 的連結,該計畫於 2001 早已結束。

先不管上面這些,Bruce 在 2006 年 9 月,Bruce 在 BusyBox Mail List 發表了一系列
反對我繼續用 GPL Version 2 授權釋出新版的 BusyBox。

這個(GPLv2 or GPLv2 & Later)話題已經持續討論了九個月之久,然而他突然出現,並且打斷一切實作。

Bruce 這些對抗且不夠圓滑的行為迅速的抵銷了他過去對於 BusyBox 的貢獻與他人對他的尊敬,


In one of Bruce's messages, he stated that "you may attempt to prove that
everything I've written has been filtered out over 6 years", and implied it
would be the only way to get rid of him.  Since he wouldn't take me up on my
offer to fork off, I'm taking him up on his offer to demonstrate his

在 Bruce 於 Mail List 發表的訊息中,他指出 "你們可以去證明一下過去六年我寫的所有東西都被過濾掉了"


This is an effort to either show that Bruce has no copyrights on any of the
current code, or to remove any code shown to have his copyrights, in hopes
that he'll shut up and go away.  It's also possible that a detailed analysis
of the origins of BusyBox (predating the current source control system) will
assist future license enforcement efforts, but the motivation is definitely
making Bruce go away.

此分析文針對原始 BusyBox 程式碼的分析(在進入版本控制系統前的程式碼),
有可能有助於將來 BusyBox 授權執行相關議題,不過主要目的還是想擺脫 Bruce。

美術插畫設計案子報價系統 v0.1 Beta

暱稱: Type
註冊: 2002-11-30
發表: 10145
來自: vovo2000.com
V幣: 895968
Some update 2006-11-06 01:44
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Rob Landley 暫時稱之為 ToyBox,也可能考慮稱之為 "BusyBox Lite"


After I stopped working on BusyBox I started over from scratch, and this is the result. The goal of toybox is a small, simple, complete implementation of the standard Linux command line utilities, with minimal external dependencies. This project could be considered "BusyBox lite", or perhaps a fleshed out version of Red Hat's nash.


美術插畫設計案子報價系統 v0.1 Beta

暱稱: Type
註冊: 2002-11-30
發表: 10145
來自: vovo2000.com
V幣: 895968

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