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@ 2014/08/10 英文原文: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/10/world/asia/studio-ghibli-miyazaki-future/index.htmlWatch a movie from acclaimed Japanese animators Studio Ghibli, and you might see a boy turn into a flying dragon, a deer morph into a monstrous god, or a fish transform into a young girl.But with the retirement last year of 宮崎駿(Hayao Miyazaki), the studio's legendary co-founder, signs suggest the venerable and inimitable company is headed for a transformation of its own.在日本吉卜力工作室出品的動畫,你可看到男孩幻化成飛龍,鹿變身成森林之神、或者魚轉化成一位女孩。不過,隨著去年(2013)宮崎駿的退休(這位傳奇的工作室創辦人之一),象徵著這具有歷史和獨特的動畫公司,要開始進行自我轉型。In a Japanese TV interview last Friday, Ghibli co-founder 鈴木敏夫(Toshio Suzuki) said the firm needed to "think about its future," and would be "changing the way we make (animation)."He also speculated that Miyazaki might "make something again," though it might be a no more than a short film for the Studio Ghibli museum.在上週五(2014/08/08)的日本電視訪談內,另外一位創辦人鈴木敏夫(Toshio Suzuki)說到,「吉卜力必須要思考一下他的未來。」他表示「可能要尋求改變製造動畫的流程」。他同時也推測宮崎駿退休後,應該還會「畫些什麼」,然而應該頂多是「給吉卜力博物館的一段短片」Suzuki's comments followed his own remarks from early last week, when he said Studio Ghibli would take a "brief break," leading to panicked online speculation that the studio was about to close.鈴木敏夫隨之表示「吉卜力可能需要短暫休息一下」,這段上週五的訪談,讓網路上的鄉民大為恐慌,認為是否「吉卜力要收起來了?!」A Ghibli representative told CNN the speculation was untrue, saying "Studio Ghibli has decided nothing officially for the future of the studio."Yet after concluding nearly three decades with Miyazaki at the helm, the fate of the company suddenly looks uncertain.CNN 的記者訪問吉卜力,發言人表示「(吉卜力要結束營業)這並非事實。 目前吉卜力工作室尚未決定未來的道路。」然而,在宮崎駿親手掌舵將近約 30 年後,吉卜力工作室命運目前看起來是前途未卜。The studio has been producing hand-drawn animated films for decades, sticking to old-school, painstaking frame-by-frame methods even as other studios have long embraced computer-aided animation and CGI.Every one of Studio Ghibli's hits -- from "My Neighbor Totoro" (1988) to "The Wind Rises" (2013) features a signature artistic style -- delicately rendered characters, exquisitely crafted environments, and an effortless sensation of movement.吉卜力工作室堅持使用「手繪動畫」,這種傳統、一幀一幀的製作方式已經二三十年,縱使其他的動畫業者,早就已經擁抱電腦動畫繪圖方式來製作動畫。每片吉卜力賣座的動畫,從「龍貓(1988)」到「風起(2013)」,都有精心刻畫的人物角色、細工雕琢的背景場景、以及一種讓觀眾感到毫不費力的故事步調感。Anime expert Helen McCarthy says Ghibli has been able to perfect its hand-drawn tradition because it has employed the same animators for a very long time -- unlike many other studios, which rely on per-project contracts and short-term piecework.美國動畫專家 Helen McCarthy 表示,吉卜力透過「長期雇用同一批的手繪動畫師團隊」,讓他得以達成手繪動畫作品的高品質傳統;相比較之下,目前很多其他的動畫工作室,都用「短期計畫、短期聘僱、短期合約」的方式來製造動畫。"This means Ghibli can be sure of a consistent quality of artistry and craftsmanship," she said.But as Ghibli's staff ages, the firm must figure out how to carry on with younger talent.Helen McCarthy 表示「這種方式,造就了偉大的藝術成就,並持續產出穩定品質的動畫工藝」但是,隨著時光的流逝,這批長期合作的動畫師也年歲增長,工作室必須想辦法讓年輕的畫師與工作人員繼承吉卜力。(Studio Ghibli) is like a great violin... it has to be passed on to new players or else falls silent.吉卜力就像是一支偉大古老的小提琴,現在應該交給新的演奏者,不然就是好好的收藏起來?McCarthy says the Japanese studio has focused for decades on "the personal visions of two remarkable directors," Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata -- both now in their 70s."(Studio Ghibli) is like a great violin, a Stradivarius maybe, in the hands of two great musicians. Helen McCarthy 表示「吉卜力長久聚焦於兩位偉大動畫師的願景(宮崎駿、高畑勳),然而,這兩位大師現在都 70 多歲了。吉卜力工作室就像是一支偉大的小提琴,也許就像是斯特拉迪瓦里琴(Stradivarius), 過去由這兩位大師所演奏著,不斷拉出動人的音符。」But when those musicians retire it has to be passed on to new players or else falls silent, because its structure is expensive to maintain."What's next?「隨著這兩位大師逐漸淡出幕前,這把小提琴(工作室)要逐漸交棒給新人,不然,就讓讓他靜靜的被收藏起來;因為整個工作室組織維護起來的開銷,實在所費不貲。」The big question: Can anybody succeed Hayao Miyazaki?目前的最大問題: 有人能繼承宮崎駿嗎?"Studio Ghibli has young creators, Goro Miyazaki and Hiromasa Yonebayashi," Studio Ghibli's representative told CNN. "They are continuing to work for the studio."But the films of Goro Miyazaki, -- Hayao Miyazaki's 47-year-old son -- and Yonebayashi, 41, \have yet to achieve anywhere the success of the elder Miyazaki's work.工作室發言人說「吉卜力工作室目前有兩位年輕的創作家,宮崎吾朗(47, 宮崎駿之子)和米林宏昌(41);他們持續的替工作室做出貢獻」然而宮崎吾朗和米林宏昌目前的動畫作品,賣座方面尚未達到宮崎駿作品的水準。Hayao Miyazaki's 2001 epic, "Spirited Away," grossed a record-breaking $274 million worldwide and took home the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.n 2013, Miyazaki's swansong "The Wind Rises," made over $117 million.宮崎駿 2001 年的經典作品「神隱少女(2001)」,創下了全球兩億七千四百萬美金的票房紀錄,並且獲得奧斯卡最佳動畫片獎。而宮崎駿最後的執導「風起(2013)」,也有約全球一億一千七百萬千萬美金的票房。By contrast, the studio's newest film, "When Marnie Was There," directed by Yonebayashi, is only expected to make $36 million. Goro Miyazaki's 2013 "From Up on Poppy Hill" made about $61 million.反過來看,米林宏昌的「回憶中的瑪妮(2014)」,約只有三千六百萬美金票房(約神隱少女 13%),而,宮崎吾朗的「來自紅花坂(2011)」,也只賣了六千一百萬美金(約神隱少女 22%)That's why the studio must now perform a sober self re-evaluation after enjoying years of steady success.這些票房的退化,讓過去享盡光榮歲月工作室,現在必須好好清醒並自我評估規劃。"We wanted to make a dream company," said Suzuki. "We were able to realize (that dream) to some extent and we're very happy about that.But now we're at a point where we've got to think about what we'll do next."Should fans be worried? McCarthy says Ghibli's tradition of hand-drawn animation should survive, as long as audiences "accept the high costs and the demands it places on the workers involved.""Art is viable as long as people are willing to make it and buy it."鈴木敏夫「我們最初的目標就是一家夢想公司。 我們努力去實現我們和觀眾的夢想,並對於這段時間的的成就感到愉悅。」鈴木敏夫「但,我們現在正在一個抉擇點,要好好思考我們的下一步。」粉絲和鄉民應該擔心嗎(吉卜力工作室結束關閉)?美國動畫專家 McCarthy 表示「吉卜力工作室的手繪工藝動畫應該會繼續存活,只要觀眾繼續願意掏錢出來支撐工作室的大量人力開銷」「藝術作品只要『有人願意做、有人願意買』,就會持續存在!」


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